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NetPlate is designed to make it quick and easy to share which online networking sites you use, whether they be social or professional. It’s simply a single, unique name through which others can see which parts of the online world you inhabit. This means you no longer need to reel off a list of which social media sites you use, or have someone write down your mobile number.

You’ve been asked for your phone number before; you’ve been asked for your email address before. You’ve probably been asked for your Facebook or Twitter before. Oh yeah, and what did you say your YouTube channel’s called again?

With NetPlate, all you have to do is give them a single name, and they’ll have everything they need to know when it comes to connecting with you online. This saves time for both you and those with whom you want to connect.

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Registration takes less than 30 seconds! Once you have chosen a name hit the ‘OK, use this’ button. You will then be able to customise the look of your NetPlate and set your personal settings across your social media and customised links.